Secondary Operation
In many cases at the end of the manufacturing process, everything that has been designed, planned, procured and managed must work. With all of the complexity that these processes bring, it often makes sense to have fewer suppliers, each with more responsibility for the final product.

our expert staff and artists with years of experience provide surface treatment and assembly solutions. By managing the material planning and forecast, we help our customers simplify the process and maintain a true lean pull system. We build your product to your specifications and create all necessary test files, give your prototypes or molded products a high quality look and feel to receive immediate customer feedback.

We would love to provide Secondary Operation services for your job, whether big or small! please Contact us to find out how we can serve your needs!

Value Added service process including:

Hot stamping

Heat transfer 

Silk printing 


EMI painting 

Pad printing 

Laser Engraving 


Soft touch coating