Our sisier company
We has three sister locations in the southern China's manufacturing center in Dongguan City. Each facility is unique in manufacturing a wide range of molded parts. Like  silicone rubber keypads to Thermoset molded parts or steel items, our clients know they can rely on quality parts on time.

Whether you need a simple product or something extremely complex, They are ready to help you with your next project to turn your designs into reality quickly, accurately and at a great price. Call today and see why our produces injection molded, Silicone Compression molded parts for top manufacturers around the world.

We invite you to explore our site to learn more about our processes of our work. Feel free to use our online "Request a Quote" or "Contact Us" forms to let us know how we can serve you!

Silicone site Specializes In  Custom  Silicone Compression tooling and molded parts.  includes: Rapid Prototyping Development & Tools and OEM rubber items such as Sexual-Wellness-Products¡¡Thermoset composites deliver custom  manufactured thermoset products and innovative solutions. They offer a wide range of thermoset molding of BMC, SMC capabilities from design, development and mold making processes to ensure consistent, quality results.¡¡We have a paint processing workshop allowing us to apply virtually any type of commercially-available custom paints for your prototypes or low-volume manufactured parts. Our technicians are able to produce any desired surface finish, including high gloss, matte, semi-gloss, spraying, silk printing,etc